he Community Of Trees team (CoT) was born in 2010 out of our need to plan & implement environmental and cultural activities.

The team was put together by Giorgos N. Gabierakis, Emmanuil Grylakis, Ioannis S. Nikolaou, Pavlos Nastas and Spyro Papanastasiou.

CoT took the form of a Non Profit Organization in 2012, based in Chora of Patmos.

Recently CoT successfully completed its participation to the LIFE Program of Andros ( in co operation with the European Commission) winch was aimed at the protection of the migratory falcon “Mavropetritis” (Falco Eleonorae).

Other activities include the presentation of the CoT company and its projects at the Patmion Cultural Center (May 2019), the production of the piano recital at the amphitheater of the Apocalypse (Patmos / August 2018) and its collaboration with FRIA (“Forest Research Institute of Athens” or “Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems and Forest Products Technology”).

CoT has developed a wide network of partners (on a national & international level) that specializes in environmental and ecological issues. In Patmos, for the creation of the forest park on the Kouma Hill, CoT co-operates with George kamitsis, marina Pente, Evangelia Alexandri. Panagiotis Papamichail, Dorian Amar and others.

And of course there is an open invitation to all those who are willing to contribute to the CoT’s environmental projects.

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Aerial view of the Kouma hill


Our intention is to create the appropriate conditions for the creation of an autonomous local ecosystem with multiple benefits both for the environment itself and for the inhabitants of the island.

Restoration of the Broadband of Koumas Hill in Patmos

Creation of Mediterranean Flora Park

Detailed preliminary report of the the Institute of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems

Chora Patmou

85500 Patmos


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