Our activities so far

  • Community of Trees (Hellenic name Κοινωνία των Δέντρων) was founded in September 2012 under the form of a non-profit company whose main purpose is the development of environmental and cultural projects.

  • CoT‘s first project was the participation in the Eleonora’s Falcon Project in the island of Andros (dates), subsidized by the European funding program “LIFE”.

  • In 2015 CoT started the Koumas Project, the creation of a Forest-Park ecosystem at the heart of Patmos that will include exclusively indigenous trees. The same project includes the repurposing of the old Koumas stone-quarry and the rehabilitation of its surrounding land.

  • In Spring 2016 a team of scientists from the Institute for the Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems – a division of the Ministry of Agriculture – visited Patmos for site surveillance, soil analysis and listing of the native trees. In Autumn 2016 they delivered to CoT the fruits of their work in an elaborated pre-study which constitutes a very important basis for the Koumas Project. More info can be found –> here.

  • In Summer 2018 CoT organized a piano recital for pianist Emily Mesko, at the Apocalypse Amphitheatre of Patmos. A CD album was also produced by CoT.

  • In Winter 2018 CoT submitted the Koumas file at the Municipality of Patmos for approval and rental of the land.